new harvest coming soon

Our December 2023 harvest will be shipping in March 2024. Both COOK & HEAL will be restocked at this time. Something new is coming soon after... Thank you for your patience.

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sip glass

We created the Sip Glass with the intention of sipping or taking a shot of your favorite Zimms EVOO for gut support and healing.

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explore cook

Our cooking inspired EVOO. A well-rounded flavor profile that perfectly enhances any dish. Enjoy cooking in heat or as a finishing oil.

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explore heal

Our health and wellness inspired EVOO. Best enjoyed by the spoonful or drizzled on your favorite foods. A bright and peppery mouth feel that also handles well cooked in heat.

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what sets zimms organics apart?

  • grown in california

    All our olives are grown and produced in California

  • single origin

    We only use single origin olive for all of our EVOO

  • single varietal

    We only use single varietal olives for all of our EVOO

  • organic

    We only work with farms that are certified USDA Organic

  • incredible quality & customer service

    This olive oil is unlike any I have ever tasted! It is incredible! Plus, the customer service was amazing. My order was damaged by the shipping company and they sent me a new package right away. Overall would highly recommend supporting this small business!

    - Meg

  • cooking with zimms organics oils

    I have now cooked several dishes with the olive oil and it is excellent. It is very smooth, blends easily into the dish being prepared, and does not distort the taste of the food, as some other olive oils do. Also purchased the gold colored spout, which makes pouring and storing handy. All the items are well worth their price.

    - Steven

  • best flavor and quality

    Zimms Organics is the only brand I will ever purchase evoo from going forward. The quality of this evoo shines through in the perfect flavor. I drizzle a little bit of Zimms Organics on each of my meals and it makes the dish so much better and adds so many additional health benefits as well. My body actually craves it most days now. I am so happy I finally found a olive oil brand I can finally trust :) thank you Zimms Organics for the wonderful product!

    - Kristen

why organic is important

I know that choosing what to eat is super confusing these days, and there is a ton of conflicting information out there. It’s unfair to the consumer, we shouldn’t have to do all this research out of mistrust for the food systems. At least you know when you see the Certified by the CCOF and Organic Stamp on your food, you can find solace knowing that the food you're eating is safe and clean. That means no pesticides in the soil for at least 3 years.

Zimms Organic EVOO is made of one ingredient. Olives. And these olives are always grown organically, from a small family farm in California and are single origin and single varietal.

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single origin & single varietal

Zimms Organics solely sources organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from California. Each product is single varietal and single origin. 

What does this mean?

Each product comes from one farm and one varietal of olive. Both the COOK and HEAL products come from the same certified organic and family farm in California. COOK is made from 100% organic Arbosana olives and HEAL is made from 100% Arbequina olives. 

David personally vetted numerous farms in the U.S. by speaking with their owners, tasting their oil and requesting lab tests and polyphenol tests for their EVOO’s. After much research, he found a farm that checked all the boxes of:

• Certified organic
• Single origin
• Single varietal
• Offered multiple varietals
• High polyphenol levels (above 300mg/kg)
• Delicious and unique flavor profiles
• Genuinely good people to work with

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