COOK versus HEAL: bottle breakdown

COOK versus HEAL: bottle breakdown

At Zimms Organics, we offer two unique variations of California’s finest extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Both options are certified organic and harvested just before they are fully ripe to ensure the highest level of polyphenols, a compound that is scientifically recognized for its potent antioxidants.


why does COOK have more polyphenols than HEAL?

We’ve received this question countless times, and rightly so! If polyphenols are the compounds that bring healing in EVOO, why would COOK have more than HEAL?

Our COOK EVOO is composed of 100% Arbosana olives, which provide a bold, robust flavor that is brought out beautifully by heat. Its high polyphenol content (333 mg/kg)  protects against oxidation when heated and gives the oil a high smoke point of around 400–450°F.

Our HEAL EVOO, on the other hand, is ideal for those struggling with digestive issues or simply looking to improve their general health. HEAL is composed entirely of Arbequina olives, which give the oil an overall brighter, lighter mouthfeel. Thanks to HEAL’s fresh flavor, we love to consume this EVOO in its purest form as a shot, spoonful, or finishing oil to any dish. The polyphenol range of HEAL is slightly lower than COOK at 311 mg/kg.


we are at the mercy of mother nature

2022 was a notoriously difficult year for crops in California. The state issued water restrictions, due to severe drought, wildfires, and incredibly long spring/summer seasons. Some farmers say that after a severe drought year, nature will gift an abundant crop. So far, 2023 is proving to be just that. 

The majority of California is out of the “drought classification” and our reservoirs are filling up nicely. We are hopeful for this year’s crop and our farmers predict that one of the varietals will reach the 400, potentially even 500 range of polyphenols. 

Similar to wine, coffee, and other seasonal crops—olive oil will also change every year based on the variables listed above. There’s something beautiful about that. Every year brings something new. All you can do is work with mother nature to give her as much freedom to find perfection in her annual regenerative dance.

we also made our decision based on flavor profiles

As Arbosana olives are naturally more potent, sapid, and nutty, we decided to leave COOK EVOO strictly for cooking. Heat allows these unique flavors to sink deep into your ingredients adding a complementary layer without overpowering the entire dish.

While COOK can very well be consumed raw, it may be quite intense (especially for beginners in olive oil) because of its heavier mouthfeel. HEAL offers bright, grassy flavors, making it easier to consume by the spoonful. In using HEAL as a finishing oil, it also contributes a fruity pop of flavor and draws out dishes’ true star flavors.

Overall, EVOO should bring out the unique flavors and add depth to a dish, not completely overpower it. This is why we specifically curated each of our EVOOs for their respective uses!
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