December 2023 Harvest 

Understanding Zimms Organics' Distinct Olive Oils

At Zimms Organics we are proud to offer two types of organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO): COOK and HEAL. These are carefully produced in California to cater to diverse cooking and health requirements using organically grown olives picked at their peak of polyphenol content. Let's explore how COOK and HEAL can bring unique advantages to your well being practices.


Polyphenol Power: COOK vs HEAL

Why COOK Has More Polyphenols Than HEAL:

We often get questions about the polyphenol levels in our oils. Polyphenols are like super antioxidants that offer numerous health benefits. These include reducing inflammation, promoting heart health, helping liver function, gut support and much more. Our COOK EVOO is grown on a small family farm in Central California. Last year we chose their arbosana to feature for COOK, but this year, the arbosana actually had less than 300 polyphenols. This was a bit too light in flavor, polyphenols and overall mouth feel for us, so we went with a different varietal. 

This year we chose the Central California farm’s arbequina varietal. It has a polyphenol concentration of 349 mg/kg and has a mild, nutty and slight peppery kick. This makes COOK an ideal option for cooking because the flavor profile is slightly neutral and it maintains its health benefits at high temperatures thanks to its smoke point of 400–450°F. COOK will add a nice texture and butteriness to anything you cook with.

This year, our HEAL is also made from 100% Arbequina olives, but from the other family farm we work with in Northern California. Like wine and coffee, olive oil’s flavor profiles are impacted by the region and weather conditions they are grown in. You’ll notice that the flavor of the arbequina HEAL is completely different than the arbequina COOK. The HEAL has 338 mg/kg polyphenols and has a super peppery kick. You can taste notes of white pepper, green banana, a mild nuttiness and grassiness.

HEAL is specifically crafted for raw consumption making it perfect as a finishing oil or for enjoying as a shot from our Sip Glass to fully savor its delicate flavors and health promoting properties.

Flavor Profiles: Tailored for Purpose


COOK is chosen for its nutty and mild flavor profile and full-bodied texture to complement culinary uses. COOK EVOO enhances dishes subtly without overwhelming them thanks to its high smoke point and robust qualities. This olive oil is ideal for various cooking methods because it adds depth and complexity to meals.


With its brighter, grassier notes, HEAL olive oil is best savored in its raw form. Its creamy texture and hints of fruitiness elevate dishes when used as a finishing touch, providing a burst of flavor that blends seamlessly without being overpowering. Enjoy 1 tablespoon of HEAL in our Sip Glass every morning about 15-20 minutes before your first meal to help with digestion, reduce inflammation in your body and enhance your gut health.

Zimms Organics EVOO stands out for more than its high quality olive oil. We strive to offer an experience that caters to the health needs of our customers. Whether you're using COOK for cooking or taking a shot of HEAL every morning, you're getting both an amazing culinary and flavorful experience along with the health benefits of high quality organic EVOO. We encourage you to discover the qualities of COOK or HEAL and witness how they can enhance both your dishes and well being.

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