how to take a proper evoo shot

how to take a proper evoo shot

If you've been here for a while, you've likely heard us talk about the incredible benefits associated with taking a daily EVOO shot. Our founder, David, began taking swigs of EVOO to help combat the severe digestive distress he faced during his fight with Crohn's disease. After experiencing firsthand the prominent healing benefits of doing so, he solidified this ritual into to his daily routine.

how do you take an evoo shot? 

For those of you who are new here, we take an EVOO shot in the morning, thirty minutes before our first meal of the day. To do so, we pour one tablespoon of Zimms HEAL EVOO into our specially made Sip Glass and either sip it or take it as a shot. It is important to take it slow when beginning this practice. Start with half a tablespoon of liquid and see how you feel, then gradually increase to one tablespoon.

There are numerous benefits associated with consuming a small dose of EVOO first thing in the morning. Some of these benefits include enhanced digestion, improved brain function, lowered blood sugar response, improved hormone regulation, and much more.

However, the start of any new practice can often be a daunting experience, as you don't know entirely what to expect. You may wonder if you're doing the practice correctly and when you will begin to see results. We've collected questions from our customers who have recently begun this ritual but had some concerns. Below, our founder addresses these questions himself from his own personal experience with EVOO.


  1. When starting a daily EVOO shot regimen, how soon can I expect to see which effects (digestive, physical, cognitive, etc.)?
The best advice I can give someone based on my own personal healing journey sounds like this:
1) Everybody is different, so the effects will vary based on many factors. The human body is very complex, and no two humans are alike.
2) Be patient. Listen to your body and check in every week or so to see how you feel. Do you have less bloating? Are your bowel movements more formed and solid? How are your energy levels? Do weekly check-ins with yourself, and the answers will come to you. I recommend jotting these answers down in a notebook as well to keep a steady record of how you’re feeling. This is also a great practice for other aspects of finding balance in your life. 
  1. What are the most common or pronounced benefits noticed by the general consumer upon committing to this regimen (specifically in terms of digestive health, mental health, cognitive health, heart health, as well as physical improvements to, for example, hair and nails).

I receive messages all the time saying things like, “My body has completely shifted, and I feel so much better,” or “My energy levels are so much higher than they were before.” But, similar to the first question, everyone's experience will be different. Another important thing I learned from my own healing journey was that “willing something” and truly believing that what you're doing is helping will speed up your healing experience. Our bodies listen to our minds (sometimes more than we'd like), so that means your thoughts and belief systems can have a positive effect on your physical health too! There is a ton of science behind this, (e.g., the placebo effect, cortisol (stress) linked to inflammation, and the sensation of “butterflies in the stomach”).

  1. Are there any common side effects to taking a shot of EVOO on an empty stomach, and what is/is not worrisome (e.g., nausea, headaches, weight gain due to the high caloric content or too many fats—even if they are healthy fats)?

The only side effect I've heard of is that some people may need to use the bathroom if they consume too much. However, this can also be seen as a positive thing because it helps clear out toxins from your body. I've drunk 1/2 cup of my EVOO in one sitting for a liver cleanse and had no issues. I'm not suggesting that everyone should drink a cup of EVOO, but I'm just explaining that there is very little risk with the consumption of high-quality EVOO. I would never drink 1/2 cup of store-bought EVOO, though.

  1. If taking EVOO for digestive benefits, you mention it's best to take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. How long after should one wait before eating anything else to reap the full digestive benefits?

My personal routine involves waiting about 15-30 minutes before eating. This allows enough time for your digestive enzymes to kick in and help your body break down food more efficiently. Try different times and see what works for you!

  1. If not taking EVOO for digestive benefits, does it matter whether or not it's taken on an empty stomach? Are there more or less ideal times to take the EVOO shot if it is being taken for reasons other than digestive regularity?

The empty stomach idea basically just refers to absorption. On certain medications, for example, it will say "consume with a meal" or "consume an hour before a meal." They suggest this because medications that are tough on the stomach are better consumed with food to avoid discomfort or, in extreme cases, ulcers. You don't have to worry about this with EVOO because olive oil actually coats and helps heal your stomach and intestinal tract. That is why taking EVOO on an empty stomach is better suited for the health benefits noted, as it will help repair you from the inside out. Also, with less in your stomach and intestines, the good anti-inflammatory properties of the EVOO will be absorbed more effectively.

  1. For customers who may have a hard time with the taste or consistency of olive oil, do you have any tips for making the taste or texture more palatable without sacrificing the benefits of taking it on an empty stomach?

For some people, EVOO is an acquired taste. I get it. Just keep trying with small amounts until you start to enjoy it. Alternatively, you can soak some nice sourdough bread with EVOO and top it with flaky sea salt. When I do olive oil tastings for people, without bread, sometimes a select few get nervous. Then they take a small sip, their eyes perk up, and they end up asking for an entire shot.

We hope these questions and answers will help provide you with some clarity and guidance as you embark on this new health regimen. We promise you won't regret it!

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