november in the olive grove

november in the olive grove

We have finally reached our favorite days of the year: as we speak, our 2023 harvest is well underway. This past week, the olive mills have been whirring from sunup to sundown. The floors of the grove are covered with nets and bins, catching olives as they rain down from the trees. Our trucks transfer them to the mill, where they are cleaned, churned, and alchemized from fruit into a golden oil.

The harvest is always a humbling experience. We recognize all the work that was required to get here: the labor of the wind and rain, the birds and bees, the sun and moon, and the human heart and hand. Only six months ago, these olives began as mere flowers  for the pollinators and are now pressed together to resemble a golden liquid containing nutrients that heal and protect the entire human body—gut, heart, brain, and bones.

It reminds us of how life offers us the gift of constant renewal. Like the ebb and flow of the seasons or the tides, we’re always capable of changing our current circumstances. We are never stuck in a place or season for good, nor are we ever too broken, lost, or damaged to heal.

The deepest desires of our heart ultimately manifest the fruits of our harvest. So, ask yourself: what is it exactly that you want to harvest? Whatever that may be—whether love, health, creativity, or compassion—sow the seeds today.

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