september in the olive grove

september in the olive grove

The low late-summer light has made gold the predominant color in the fields and trees surrounding our grove. Thousands of mature olives—swollen with sun and nutrients—weigh their branches down, pulling them closer to the earth.

Our olives are slowly transitioning from growth to ripening. By the end of this month, they will undergo veraison, where the fruit slowly begins to change color. We monitor this stage closely, as their color is the primary indicator of when it’s time for the big harvest.

 September has always felt more like the beginning of the year to us than January. It can be a month of transition—new routines, responsibilities, and places to be. For that reason, if you want a resolution to stick, consider making it in September. By incorporating a new habit into an already rich routine, it is more likely to grow roots and endure for seasons to come.

As we trek toward the autumn equinox and prepare for hibernation, for many, this month could be one of running around and rushing. As always, we encourage you to take time for yourself. Building healthy habits is a rewarding form of self-care, but it requires us to be patient with ourselves. Remember: just like in nature, all is accomplished in its perfect time.

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