tapping in for february

tapping in for february

Let’s try a grounding exercise known as the Five Senses Technique to help you reconnect with the moment. This is often used in somatic healing practices.

Take a minute to observe five things you see around you. This could be a pattern on the wall or the way light reflects off a surface. Even a small object that had blended into the background. 

Next feel four things you can touch. Feel the texture of your clothing, the surface of the table in front of you, or the cool air on your skin. Pay attention to the sensations and how they differ.

Now close your eyes if you can, and tune into the sounds around you. It might be the distant hum of traffic or the ticking of a clock. Maybe the sound of your own breathing.

Can you notice two scents floating through the air? If you’re inside, perhaps there’s the scent of your laundry detergent or a candle. If you’re outside, maybe the freshness of the air or the smell of grass. 

Can you tell me one thing that has a taste? It could be the lingering flavor of your meal or drink. Maybe you could take a moment to sip something or have a small bite of food. Pay attention to the flavors and sensations involved in tasting.

This grounding activity can be practiced anywhere and anytime you feel overwhelmed or disconnected. It acts as a tool to center yourself in the moment, slowing down the rush of thoughts and emotions that often overwhelm our minds.

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