inspiration behind our bottle design

inspiration behind our bottle design

Inspired by the gentle curves and sediments in nature, we wanted to create a bottle that feels like the earth. Our glass is painted with natural matte tones, intended to mirror the historical amphoras used to store olive oil and wine in ancient times.



Our HEAL bottle is purposefully designed with illustrations of the brain, heart, and gut, which high quality EVOO is scientifically proven to help strengthen. The natural matte green tone feels soothing and healing. As in nature, green often reflects life—a fitting color to pair with our olive oil that heals.


Terracotta: another prominent color displayed eclectically throughout the earth. From the fiery sun to the deepest dessert clay, it is naturally captivating. COOK represents heat, fire, and traditional ceramic cookware used to make large family meals over an open fire. You’ll notice this paralleled in the bottle’s abstract illustrations of different foods and cookware.

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