What David Is Listening To In May

What David Is Listening To In May

José González - Vestiges & Claws

Lately, I've been diving into the soothing melodies of José González, and his album Vestiges & Claws has been on repeat. I first stumbled upon González during a quiet evening at home, seeking something calming and introspective. His acoustic guitar work, combined with his thoughtful lyrics, provides the perfect backdrop for reflection and relaxation.

One track that stands out is "Every Age," with its gentle rhythm and uplifting message. González's music has a way of grounding you, making you feel connected to the present moment. It's perfect for those peaceful mornings or winding down after a long day.

I highly recommend giving this album a listen. Let yourself be carried away by the intricate melodies and the soothing voice of José González. You might find it becomes a staple in your own relaxation routine, just as it has in mine. Enjoy!

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