Zimms Subscribe & Save

Zimms Subscribe & Save

Never run out of your EVOO again and save money

Seamless Convenience:

We understand the significance of quality olive oil (EVOO) in daily cooking and wellness routines. That's why we've introduced a way to ensure you always have your preferred EVOO consistently on hand. Welcome to the Zimms Subscribe & Save program.


When you join our Subscribe & Save program, you'll enjoy a 25% discount on each subscription order. It's a way to save on these high quality products while ensuring you always have EVOO available when you need it most. 

Convenient and Flexible:

We make sure our subscription service is easy to use and adaptable. You can cancel or alter your subscription whenever you would like. This flexibility ensures that our service meets your individual needs without any long term commitments or hidden fees.

How to Get Started:

  • Visit the product pages, for large COOK and HEAL bottles.
  • Choose the subscription option before adding the product to your cart.
  • Select how often you want deliveries— choose from every 15 days or every 30 days.
  • Proceed with checkout as usual and enjoy savings while your organic extra virgin olive oil is automatically restocked.

Make a smart choice for your kitchen, your well being and your taste buds. Begin today by subscribing and become a part of the Zimms community. Embrace a more efficient and cost effective way to enjoy Zimms Organics EVOO.

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