An old olive tree within a sunny olive grove.

quality is everything to us

Many industrialized olive oil farms engage in lesser-quality farming practices to maximize profits and accelerate production. Often their fruit is sprayed with toxic pesticides, and their oil is blended with rancid olives (check out the article on the fraudulent olive oil market). These inferior farming practices destroy many of the important nutrients and antioxidants we gain from olive oil. At Zimms, we celebrate the health-giving properties of pure extra virgin olive oil—it is at the heart of everything we do. We take our standards very seriously ensuring our products are of the highest quality, and that’s why David put his name on it. All of our products are lab tested for EVOO standards and certified organic by the CCOF. 

our standards

  • Certified organic by the CCOF
  • Single origin
  • Single varietal
  • Grown in California on family-owned farms
  • Lab tested for EVOO standards

certified organic: 

Exposure to pesticides is known to be linked with an elevated rate of chronic diseases. At Zimms Organics, we prioritize organic farming partnerships to take better care of our health and the planet.

single origin:

Many supermarkets offer olive oil that is labeled “Product of Italy”, however, this oil is packed in the U.S. and contains a mixture of olives from multiple countries. When olives are sourced from various origins, it is often unregulated and the result is a lesser quality oil. All our olives come exclusively from a single organic farm in California. 

single varietal: 

Each of our products comes from a single variety of olives. Single varietal is the purest form of extra virgin olive oil, having a unique flavor of the olive and the region grown, while also offering immense healing benefits.

california grown: 

“Know your farmer, know your food” is our motto. Our farmers’ practices do not begin with olive oil. The process begins with caring for and tending to the trees and soil. Healthy soil and good farming practices ultimately lend themselves to tastier and more nutritious olive oil. 

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