single origin & single varietal

single origin & single varietal

Zimms Organics solely sources organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from California. Each product is single varietal and single origin. 

What does this mean?

Each product comes from one farm and one varietal of olive. Both the COOK and HEAL products come from the same certified organic and family farm in California. COOK is made from 100% organic Arbosana olives and HEAL is made from 100% Arbequina olives. 

David personally vetted numerous farms in the U.S. by speaking with their owners, tasting their oil and requesting lab tests and polyphenol tests for their EVOO’s. After much research, he found a farm that checked all the boxes of:

  • Certified organic
  • Single origin
    • Single varietal
    • Offered multiple varietals
  • High polyphenol levels (above 300mg/kg)
  • Delicious and unique flavor profiles
  • Genuinely good people to work with

Learn more about the flavor profiles and polyphenol levels of COOK and HEAL here

Here’s why knowing where your olive oil comes from is important. Check out this excerpt from the article – Not All Olive Oil Is Created Equal

So bargain olive oils are not indicative of a good oil?

One supermarket offers an organic olive oil that is labeled “Product of Italy,” but is packed in the USA, and contains oil from Argentina, Italy, Morocco and wherever — from random countries. No way that’s organic, and it’s duping consumers. You buy big commodity oils that are low-quality from overripe olives that sit in giant mounds in crushing mills, getting funky and stinky as they sit in the sun waiting to be pressed. The oil that is produced from these olives doesn’t taste that great.

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