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Zimms Organics

Silver Stainless Steel Pour Spout

Silver Stainless Steel Pour Spout

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The silver pour spout is:

  • Made out of stainless steel
  • Made and manufactured in the USA
  • Has self-closing surgical grade stainless steel weighted flap to keep your olive oil fresh.
  • Fits perfectly with all Zimms EVOO bottle sizes!
  • You can wash these in the dish washer, but we recommend doing so on the top rack. Also, these are pretty easy to clean in hot, soapy water.

This pour spout will make pouring olive oil from Zimms EVOO bottles super easy with the perfect flow. If you don't like getting your finger doused in olive oil (we do, because it's a free moisturizer for your hands after pouring), you should pick one of these up for each bottle. 

(Bottle not included, product is pour spout only)

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